Agriculture Machinery Double Universal Joint Drive-Shafts

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agriculture machinery Double Universal Joint Drive-Shafts 

(1).agriculture machinery double universal joint drive-shafts


Agriculture machinery double universal joint drive-shafts is widely used in agriculture machinery(tractor,grain combine,cotton picker, seeder, rotovator etc.)  

(2).agriculture machinery double universal joint drive-shafts


Rated torque(N.m):1500 ~ 17500

Max.deflection angle( ? ):52~ 58

Rotational diameter at α=0 ? (mm):100~190

Rotational space at max.deflection angle(mm):156~ 286

The center distance between installation center and

The kingpin center(mm):1.1~ 1.8

Slip at the maximum rotation angle(mm):8.00~18.50

(3).agriculture machinery double universal joint drive-shafts


①High transfer torque capability

②Support large deflection angles

③High transmission efficiency

④Strong ability to adapt to harsh environment of the wild

⑤High performance to price ratio

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